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“We like to think to our company as a neverending young one, who, with an intellectual curiosity works every day to update it without forget its roots. T&C was born from dedication, energy and commitment to our principle mission: truffle.”

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“No doubt our company is a family run company which thanks to a strong team and to our modern technologies, during the last decades, it has improved and diversified the offer. Today T&C is a competitive and modern company, which exports our truffle based products all over the world.

Lidia and Lorenza are the real protagonists of this new phase of the company founded by their father Ulderico. They were born and growned up between the production department and the offices, they follow the complete chain from the truffle hunting, to production and to the sale of the fresh truffle.
A feminine run company, who manages an ancient and modern product “the truffle” that is luxurious but not for happy few, on the contrary, really very affordable when it becomes T&C truffle based products .
Today these two entrepreneurs run the company T&C in Italy and abroad. They know the row material that is transformed to offer good and quality products and therefore highly digestible to the market all year around.”


The company was born approximately 30 years ago in Acqualagna, a little village surrounded by un uncontaminated countryside of the Appennini mountains in Marche region at the center of Italy.
Everything comes up from the curiosity of Ulderico Marchetti who, when he was a kid, was used to observe the truffle hunters going inside the wood together with their dogs. His memories became a job and a company, he run the company with passion, dedication and an accurate choice of row material. The philosophy of the company joins tradition with innovation, offering during all the year, the highest level of products, thanks to technology of new machinery. Ulderico has transmitted his love for this job to his two daughters, Lidia and Lorenza, who go on meticulously with the company taking care of any aspects.


Lorenza is the brand ambassador of the company, she manages with passion, precision and attention the row material quality of fresh truffle and sells t all over the world. Her job needs big attention on choices and details during the chain, from the the purchase, the selection and the selling of fresh truffle. The passing of baton of his father to her on fresh truffle activity, brings Lorenza to the highest level of professionality.


Lidia is Communication, Safety and Enviroment Manager. She is in charge of website management, worker safety and Certifications subject. She is passionated with communication tyed with the company brands, labels and sustainable packaging.
Lidia is also involved in marketing relationship with distributors about merchandising and staff training.


Our truffle: from local to glocal, organic and green.
Among oaks, holms and hazelnuts woods , on the slopes of the Nerone mountain, our truffles are born.
T&C was born in Acqualagna, in Marche region, (in the center of Italy) where our company is based in the hearth of Appennini mountain: surrounded by a magnificent environment, the ground and the climate are the best to facilitate the growing of truffle. Truffle grow in this incontaminated area and it is famous all over the world for centuries.

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Marche region has the variety from the point of view of the territory and the culture, and also the seasonalilty.
The special position of the production area, so near to the seaside, to the mountains and to the hillside tells an history of quality and uniqueness.
That’s the reason why it is different and unique.
Recently it has been nominated as the second best area in the world.



First of all truffle hunting is a fascinating and suggestive activity through which our truffle hunters live in contact with nature.
Truffle hunting means constancy, determination and passion and, last but not least, a huge mastery of techniques.
It is also essential the knowledge of the hunting areas and a faithful dog trained for hunting   this precious treasure of the earth.




BRC, IFS and Organic certification had taken a codified culture in T&C that follows precise processus, check and neverending analysis on production processus of truffle based products. This activity guarantees food safety. Today this means attention to the Earth and mankind.
Respecting bio diversity is certainly facilitated by the location of the company in Acqualagna, in the earth of Le Marche region (Central Italy).This area is very well known and award-winning area for its safe and uncontaminated nature by Lonely Planet guide.
In 2020 T&C green attitude further concretized by using 100% recyclable paper for its new paper box made by a Fabriano FSC(Forest Stewardship Council) paper. This certification guarantees social and environmental responsibility, besides the economic profit.
T&C continuous search of green attitude has introduced a system of photovoltaic panels.
They will be able to convert solar radiation in energy instead of using fossil fuels.
The result will be an immediate benefit for environment and community thanks to carbon dioxite and pollution reduction.

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