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Welcome to the T&C Chef Academy!

Do you love truffles but think they are difficult to use?
From this page you can consult the video tutorials for using truffles and our main products in your recipes. Enjoy the vision!

From this page you can consult video tutorials on how to use truffles for our main products in your recipes. We gave chefs, pastry chefs, food bloggers, influencers and cooking enthusiasts the opportunity to experiment in the kitchen with our products. The result? Simple dishes, within everyone’s reach, embellished by the King of the Woods, which recall tradition and wink at the future.
Good vision!


Webinar B2B – 22 July 2022


Each jar is an amazing story, full of joy, full of flavor

In all our products there is the authenticity of a moment of taste, spent in the conviviality of a table, to remember an important moment, through a unique and unmistakable flavour: that of T&C truffle products.

Create the recipe of your region… obviously yours!

This is the claim that best represents the new project by T&C Tartufi. We involved chefs, food bloggers and competitors from various editions of Masterchef to recreate a typical regional recipe with T&C Tartufi di Acqualagna truffle products.

GenZERO – Educating for the future

T&C Zero Waste project in collaboration with hotel institutes in Italy.
Food waste is an urgent and important issue, closely linked to the sustainability challenge to which the whole world is called to respond.

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