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Company T&C Tentazioni and Acqualagna’s truffles




T&C Tentazioni is one of the oldest truffle companies in Italy, and certainly the oldest in Acqualagna, the world capital of truffle.

 Born in the 80s, today the company combines modern production techniques with the manual control of the whole production cycle and with first quality ingredients. The result is a line of high quality truffle products capable to meet specific demands.


Truffle products in Italy and abroad


Today, T&C Tentazioni is present both in the Italian and global markets holding its business philosophy based on quality, reliability and seriousness.


Retail, Catering and Industry


T&C attends to different stages of the production in his laboratory. The wide range of available products is designed for both retail store and industrial use.

Actually, the company produces and sells truffle products for restaurants and catering and semi-finished truffle products for the industry.


The history of T & C


The T&C company was founded on december 21st 1990 with dedication, energy and commitment to bring forward one single passion: the passion for Truffle.
The truffle is a seasonal fruit available in production periods, but thanks to the modern storage technologies it is also possible to eat it throughout the year.

  The T&C products thanks to the reliability, the use of first class ingredients, modern production techniques and the perfect mix of traditional and modern, the company is able to satisfy the real truffle lovers and differents and specifics markets.
The production process is monitored and carefully supervised in order to provide consumers with the highest quality, legality and food safety.
  In addition to the line of products specific for stores, the so-called “Retails”, the T&C company has developed a catering line , “Catering” and a new processing industry line called “Industries” who offers semimanufactured products.
  Our products are various, in addition to fresh, frozen and dried truffles, we have  also available different sauces, creams and other semi-finished products based on truffles and mushrooms.
In the last years we were able to improve our advanced machinery to guarantee the highest possible quality, speed and efficiency of production.
 “Up till now the company has as main goal to meet the needs of its customers, the possibility to grow, share and improve together with them”




T&C is certified by CSQA Certificazioni srl, body recognized by Accredia.
 The IFS Standard  (International Food Standard) is designed to help along the efficient selection of food suppliers of GDO brand, based on their ability to supply safe products in accordance with contractual specifications and law requirements. 
It is an approved model both in Europe and worldwide.
  The BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety) was created in 1998 to ensure that all branded products are obteined according to defined qualitative standards and in full compliance with minimum requirements.
 IFS and BRC are two standards relating to food safety and they are recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), an International initiative whose main aim is to strengthen and promote the food safety along the whole supply chain.

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IFS Certificate

BRC Certificate

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