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Dried porcini mushrooms extra quality


Available in this sizes: 10g, 40g

How to use:
Dried porcini mushrooms are perfect for delicious risotti and first dishes. We suggest to rehidrate in warm water for 20 minutes. Once opened store in adry place.

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Dried porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis and related group). Extra quality.

nutrition factsheet

Dichiarazione Nutrizionale / Nutrition Declaration per 100 g
Energia / Energy 1228 KJ
290 Kcal
Grassi / Fat 4,6 g
– di cui acidi grassi saturi / of which saturates 1,2 g
Carboidrati / Carbohydrate 15,6 g
– di cui zuccheri / of which sugars 13,8 g
Proteine / Protein 46,6 g
Sale / Salt 0,22* g
* il contenuto di sale è dovuto esclusivamente al sodio naturalmente presente nei funghi.
* the salt content is due exclusively to sodium naturally present in mushrooms
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