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Nonetheless, The Social Bar In Alassio, Albenga And Finalborgo Enters The Truffle Inclusive Project

Nonetheless, the social bar in Alassio, Albenga and Finalborgo enters the Truffle inclusive project

We interviewed Guido and Martina who are in charge of the project and the management of the Coop Sociale Jobel.

QUESTION: Can you tell us how this volunteer activity of yours was born and how it develops, which involves the training of vulnerable children and the management of inclusive venues and events

ANSWER: We are the Jobel Social Cooperative, a non-profit, which has been providing educational-pedagogical services to people in the provinces of Imperia and Savona since 2005.
Jobel deals with children and minors, the elderly, refugees, people in fragile conditions, in difficulty or with disabilities with experience and competence. The strategy is not of a welfare type, but of training (in the literal sense of giving shape), enabling and rehabilitative.
The NonUnoMeno Social Bar project was born in 2013 through the collaboration of Annfas and Coop Sociale Jobel.
The first social bar to have opened is precisely the one in Alassio, where we will offer your products. Thanks to the collaboration of institutional partners and the world of associations, we have opened other realities: a bar in Albenga (SV) and a bistro in Finalborgo (SV).
NonUnoMeno is first and foremost A BEAUTIFUL IDEA, one of those that tries to improve the society we are part of!
It was created with the aim of active inclusion of subjects with special needs in an experimental model of habilitation, rehabilitation and socio-occupational intervention.
The “NonUnoMeno Project” is an experimental model of social inclusion of disabled people through a series of activities such as: protected rehabilitation/qualification workshops, socio-occupational inclusion, network projects with schools and training centres. It is important to thank the Municipality of Alassio, Albenga and Finalborgo who allow us and support us in these, sometimes a little crazy, initiatives.

QUESTION: Working and being able to work is a great value for people. Work helps you to be independent and to move around, go out with friends etc. Do you agree with this?

ANSWER: Absolutely yes. Unfortunately, the space we have available is limited, the kitchen is small but there are many of us working in it! This allowed us to think of simple but delicious recipes

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