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Truffle In-Clusive: A Special Journey, Between Taste, Uniqueness And Inclusion

Truffle In-Clusive: a special journey, between taste, uniqueness and inclusion

Goal of the project:

Every year, T&C is committed to creating a project dedicated to truffles, with a specific theme aimed at democratizing knowledge about truffles and making its products more accessible to an increasingly wider audience. The new project for 2024, entitled “Truffle in-clusive”, focuses on inclusion in catering. The objective is to highlight how people with fragility can enter society as autonomous and happy subjects through work.

Company Mission:

The company has chosen to select some of the most beautiful Italian realities linked to disability and inclusion in the world of work. What struck us immediately was the entrepreneurship, passion, enthusiasm and joy demonstrated by the protagonists who gave life to restaurants, ice cream parlors, bakeries, bars, in short, places with a special and original soul. These places should be considered examples to follow and grow not only in Italy, but also in the rest of the world. Disability is no longer synonymous with exclusion or distancing, but becomes the protagonist with its peculiarities towards its own personal and social affirmation.

It is essential to provide training to identify the most suitable function for each person, just as it is for everyone else. The results obtained in Italy are extraordinary and derive from the work and volunteering of operators, chefs, organizations and families. T&C will give voice to around ten catering companies from different Italian regions, the result of in-depth research in the area.

T&C makes its truffle “best sellers” available to kitchens, chefs and brigades, allowing each restaurant, bar or venue to create unique dishes as desired. The room and kitchen staff, with their unique skills, will be the visible protagonists with their faces and hands in this project. For an entire month, each reality will be featured on the company’s social media and will receive important exposure through interviews with the project’s protagonists.

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