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IPSSAR IST ALB PiobbicoLittle Flan With Spinach And Hot Heart

Little flan with spinach and hot heart

Recipe by Brajan Drazhi, Alessandro Cignali, 
Gerald Rushiti, Giovanni Leoni, Daniel Demolli

How to make leek and potato cream:
Peel and cut potetatoes in slices. Put potatoes and cut sleek in a pan with a touch of butter .Cook them and add salt and pepper. Add hot water and milk , cook for 20 minutes.
Then blend it till you will obtain a smooth cream. Add a touch of butter and two little spoons of Parmigiano Reggiano. Leave it for one minute.

How to proceed to make the little spinach flan:
Wash the spinach and dry them with a kitchen towel. Put some oil in fried pan, add the spinach and cover it, cook them for 4/5 minutes till they will be cooked. Add some salt and pepper as you like .Drain the spinach completely and put the excess liquid in a cup. Blend the spinach with eggs and grated chees , salt and nutmeg and cream at the end .You will obtain a cream. Put some butter inside the 125ml steel cups.
Put the doug in the cream add some casciotta cheese and cover it.
Now cook it :put the little steel cup in a hoven pain , add a lot hot water .Cook oven at 180° 25/30 minutes or in a convection oven at 160° for 15/20 minutes.
Check the cooking , put a little toothpick inside the flan , if it is dry it means it is ready. When they will be cooked churn out them and leave them cool.

How to make the coral paste:
Blend the ingredients for one minutes in an immersion mixer. Put 30g red color in a nonstick frying pan hot at 190°. Cook it, lower the fire power till the total evaporation of water.
Remove from pan and put over absorbent kitchen paper.

Ingredient potatoes cream:
• 160ml water
• 300g potatoes
• 45g leek
• Salt as required
• Pepper as required
• 1 sachet of saffron
• Parmigiano Reggiano cheese as required

Ingredient of little flan:
• Spinach 250g
• Parmigiano reggiano 55g
• 2 eggs
• 50g T&C tartufata sauce
• Salt as required
• Pepper as required
• Extra virgin oilve oil EVO
• Nutmeg as required
• Casciotta cheese 50g
• Cream 20ml

Coral paste Ingredients:
• 210 ml water
• 60 ml sunflower oil
• Flour 27 g
• Food coloring as required

• Truffle in slices
• Coral cruncky wafer


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