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Salty Tiramisù With Truffle

Salty tiramisù with truffle

What I like about happiness is its power to be replicable.
Even if it would appear impossible, illogical and irrational, our memory has the power to renew the eco of an happy moment.
That’s the reason why I see me again child, when early winter days, we turned on the fireplace, and the warm made our house a welcome area.
I remember when my grand mother was cooking very slowly the polenta, mixing it in a rhytmic rhytm.
Once ready with the good density, polenta was poured onto a honey-colored cutting board, and all the kids were all around it to be served by first.
How strong could be a taste memory?

I give you as a gift a little piece of my renewed happiness: the polenta recipe of the truffle wood tiramisu. It smells of childhood and good.


Cook the polenta for like half an hour and then put it on the grill. Prepare the sauce with some light whipping cream by using an immersion blender. Incorporate the mascarpone by turning it upside down. Hydrate the T&C dried mushrooms and truffles in some warm water for like 20 minutes. Cook them in a pan, add some evo oil and a slice of galic first and the sliced sausages, the mushrooms and the truffles then. Roast
for some minutes and cool it with some white wine. Take 10 g of dried porcini mushrooms and reduce them in pouder for the final decoration. Put the hot grilled polenta on the plate and add the sausages, the mushrooms and the truffles on top. In the end cover everything with the mousse and with just a little bit of Porcini mushroom powder and cocoa.


200 g polenta
1 lt water
40 g T&C Dried porcini mushrooms
6 g T&C Dried summer truffle
200 cl cream
200 cl mascarpone
Parmigiano Reggiano cheese as required
4 pork sausages
powder of dried porcini mushrooms
5 g bitter cocoa
1 garlic clove
½ glass of white wine


Emanuele Scoccia

Born in Rome, a young newcomer  begins with the T&C...


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