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Pumpkin Cream With White Truffle Sauce

Pumpkin cream with white truffle sauce

If you think about fall, your mind runs to warm colours, amazing orange mantle of leaves on the ground, roasted chestnut, new wine and to pumpkin, of course.
Pumpkin is the great protagonist of this season, it celebrates the colours of fall and it remembers the Halloween party.
Pumpkin, with its variegated forms, creamy, coloured and its sweet and sour taste, it is perfect and versatile for a thousand uses. You can decorate your house and balcony, carve it to create Halloween candles and lanterns, but also and expecially to cook special velvety.
Not everybody knows that pumpkin velvety is considered a confort food: good for heart and head, because it contains a lot of magnesium, pumkin is also full of tryptophan that is an amino acid involved in serotonin production, the good mood hormone!
That’s the reason why I recommend a receipt made by our chef Daniele Curzietti to you.
In this receipt pumpkin is together with truffle, a very important protagonist from the earth: Pumkin velvety with white truffle sauce.
Taste it seeing is believing!

Cut the pumpkin to little cubes, take the peel off the pumpkin, cut the shallot in slices. Heat the extra virgin olive oil on in a frying pan, add sage and shallot for 2-3 minutes. Add the pumpkin and the vegetal broth and cook it for 20 minutes, add salt. Shake with the immersion blender. Warm the T&C White truffle sauce apart and put it in a sac à poche, add the sauce as required.


500 g pumpkin pulp
½ lt vegetal broth
1 shallot
4 leaves of sage
extra virgin olive oil
30 g grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
4 amaretti or croutons of bread
160 g T&C White truffle sauce
salt and pepper


Daniele Curzietti

Born in Marche region, passionate about cooking, studies at Senigallia...


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