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Spaghetti With Black Cabbage, Speck, Burrata And Black Truffle

Spaghetti with black cabbage, speck, burrata and black truffle

Coming back to Rome it looks like coming back home.
And then, when you leave Rome, you miss it.
I miss red pizzas at the Campo dei Fiori bakery
I miss the thousand of fountains, visiting a church and finding a Caravaggio, just as a gift.
I miss the old waiter in Trastevere area, flea markets with fruits and vegetables, gnocchi made by hand as in the past, with the lady cutting them one by one, and that could be enough. But then you taste gnocchi, and how can you forget them?
Rome will remain in our eyes and palate: Chef Emanuele Scoccia will help us to remember Rome, he prepares luxury black truffle, burrata cheese, speck and black cabbage Spaghettoni.
Have a nice meal!


Cook the inner leaves of the black cabbage, boil them in salt water for 10 minutes. Cook oil and speck cut in slices apart. Add garlic cloves, salt and pepper, add the black cabbage and cook it just a little with some salt and pepper. Then mix and shake with an immersion blender. Add the cream to spaghetti, decorate the serving dish with burrata, speck and T&C Black truffle slices.


1 kg black cabbage
100/120 g thick speck slices
250 g burrata
320 g spaghetti
2 garlic cloves
150 ml extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper as required
28 g T&C Black truffle slices


Emanuele Scoccia

Born in Rome, a young newcomer  begins with the T&C...


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