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Soup Of The Farmhouse With White Truffle Olive Oil

Soup of the farmhouse with white truffle olive oil

The beginning of November takes us by the hand, leading us to winter season.
November is a month that often arouses melancholy.
On the contrary, you can live it as a moment of pause, as the occasion to stay with friends and family and people we love. It could be nice cooking together something tasty and safe.
Then everything takes on a reassuring light!
If we tune our mood with the kitchen temperature, November will became a special month, a moment in which we will dip gently on tiptoe on coldest season.
What can you find of more delicate than a soup? And what about truffle?
I recommend a delicious receipt by our chef Emanuel Scoccia: Casale soup with T&C white truffle olive oil

Arrange a sauce in a fried pan with oil, tomato, chopped celery, carrot, onion and basil leaves. Add salt and pepper as required. Cook it for half an hour. Put the dry vegetables in a pan after having washed them. Cover them with a little bit of water. As soon as the water begins to boil, cook at low heat for 40 minutes. After 30 minutes add tomato sauce and, if required, also salt and pepper. Let it flavor the last 10 minutes. Take the bread loaves, cut the upper cup, take the crumb out and brown them in oven to make the inside of bread crisp. Serve the soup inside the bread loaves. Add the T&C Porcini mushroom in oil, which are cut in little slices, and some T&C Condiment olive oil flavoured white truffle. Decorate with one rosemary branch.


4 bread loaves 350 g each
350 g dry vegetables
½ spoon of chopped celery carrot and onion
70 ml extra virgin olive oil
100 g T&C Porcini mushrooms in oil
150 g tomato sauce
salt and pepper as required
T&C Condiment olive oil flavoured white truffle
2 leaves of basil
1 little rosemary branch


Emanuele Scoccia

Born in Rome, a young newcomer  begins with the T&C...


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