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Valle D’Aosta – Le Tradizioni D’Aosta

Valle D’Aosta – Le tradizioni d’Aosta

It is with immense honor that we present to you the recipe designed and made with our products by Matteo Cingetti, chef Class of 2003 create at the Young Chef Olympiad 2022 as the best chef in the world. Among 42 participants, Matteo, a recent graduate of the École Hôtelière de la Valle d’Aosta in Chatillon, won the gold medal by presenting two recipes designed to reduce food waste.
We are excited and proud to have had the pleasure of working with you, Matteo: may your story be an inspiration to many young people who are passionate about the world of catering and to all those who care about a cuisine that is sustainable, creative and contemporary, capable of valorizing ethical and sustainable ingredients, essentiality and the centrality in the plate of vegetable raw materials.
Thank you Matteo, it was a pleasure to have you on board in our journey to represent your region: La Valle d’Aosta!
Presenting his creation “Le Tradizoni d’Aosta,” we salute you and see you at the next stage of “La Buona Itala”

Place the dry components inside a planetary mixer and mix them in order for them to be homogeneous. Add the liquid components and start working with the dough hook until the dough is smooth and compact. Remove from the planetary mixer, form into a ball and wrap with beeswax or film. Allow to rest for about 30 minutes.

Cut the muscle into cubes about 3 cm on a side and brown the meat in a pot with oil. While the meat is browning, finely julienne the onions. Remove the meat and insert the onions. Brown them over medium heat, season with salt and continue cooking for 5 minutes so that they soften and release their liquids. Deglaze with the red wine and wait until it has reduced by half.
Add the aromatics and spices. Insert the meat and add half of the hot broth. Lower the heat and cook for about 2 h, adding broth as needed. When finished cooking, remove meat and onions from pot, discard aromatics and spices. Chop the mixture with a knife to a medium texture.
Reduce the liquids in the pot until they are a glaze, add the solid part, stir and adjust the salt.

Roll out the dough thinly and obtain two sheets. On one of them place the edible aromatics (basil, thyme, nasturtium flowers, etc.) and cover with the other layer of dough. Roll out lightly with a rolling pin and bring to a final thickness of about 1-2 mm. This will result in a more aromatic pastry that shows, transparently, the chosen leaves and flowers.
Divide the pastry sheet in half again and place, in alternating spaces, the carbonade filling. Top the filling with a dollop of Summer Black Truffle Cream. Close with the second sheet of pastry and remove as much air as possible so that the two layers fit together as well as possible. With the help of a pastry cutter
round cut out the buttons and keep them aside.

Almond milk
Soak the almonds in water for at least two hours. Drain them and place them in a beaker with the water returned to ingredient. Blend with an immersion blender, strain and thus obtain almond milk. The solid part can be used as almond flour.
Add salt and pepper to the milk, and if a smoother, less liquid consistency is desired, emulsify again with the addition of xhantana gum.

Basil and bay leaf infused oil
Quickly bleach the basil and bay leaf, cool them in water and ice. Squeeze so that excess water is removed.
If you have a bimby insert the oil, bleached basil and bay leaf inside, set timer for 10 minutes with final temperature of 60°C and medium speed. At the end of the process strain, you will get an oil with vibrant color and intense aromaticity.
Otherwise heat the oil to 60°C, insert bleached basil and bay leaf and blend until the mixture is smooth. Allow to stand for about 4-5 hours, strain.

Cook ravioli for 4 minutes in boiling water and drain. Inside a deep dish or wide bowl place 5 ravioli, decorate with edible petals and basil leaves and embellish the dish with T&C truffle shavings.
In a bowl mix the almond milk with the infused oil to create an emulsion, pour it at the
moment in the serving dish so as to achieve a unique play of colors and flavors.


Flour 0 g 110
Egg yolk g 60
Ground semolina g 30
Albumen g 30
Olive oil g 5
Salt g 1
Edible aromatics (leaves and flowers)

Veal muscle g 400
Blond onion g 400
Full-bodied red wine g 250
Meat stock or water g 500
Aromatics (rosemary, sage, bay leaf)
Spices (juniper, cloves, peppercorns)

Cream of summer black truffle 5 g

Almond milk
Peeled almonds g 50
Water g 150
Xhantana gum 1 g (optional)

Basil and bay leaf infused oil
Grape seed or sunflower oil g 50
Basil g 30
Bay leaf g 5

T&C black truffle shavings in evo oil
Edible flowers
Basil tips


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