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Michele Pentucci

Michele Pentucci was born in 1979 , he attended the IPSAR Santa Marta in Pesaro (an excellent Italian Hotel establishmet school), in Marche region in the center of Italy.
After some experiences he decided to open his first restaurant called “Osteria degli Ultimi”.After a while his restaurant was definitely chosen by the Slow Food Osteria Guide.
From 2014 he was involved in a brand new adventure: he was called as chef brigade leader by Da Rossi Restaurant owned by the award-winning world wide known pilot Valentino Rossi.
Starting from now , a new challenge is coming: the fascinating world of his majesty :the Truffle., thanks to the collaboration with T&C truffle from Acqualagna (PU) in Marche region, Italy.
Curious, dynamic , obviously sometimes tired and nervous, his watchword is always the same: “Always ahead…”




Vegan hamburger
What I ‘m going to cook tonight? That is the question that every mum and dad ask to themselves, looking for healthy dishes, with a good balance from also a nutritional point of view, but tasty at the same time…
Mountain croissant
In summer i dream of the mountain and in winter i look for the sea. During a so strange year like this one , i dream with open eyes and i hope that all of us we could come back…
Cod Fillet In Cooking Oil Over Truffle And Potatoes Cream
I felt in love with Marseilles, without even being there once. The power of a book brings out the passion and takes us to unknown worlds: it is the easiest way to travel. The Marseilles described in Jean Claude Izzo’s…
Beef fillet bar with chives on cheese and white truffle cream
“September: it was the most beautiful word, I’ve always felt inside me, because it sounded blooming orange trees, swallows and regret” writes the American story teller Alexander Theroux in his book Darconville’s Cat. September, is a double month. Between summer…
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