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Max Mariola

To be Roman is what distinguishes him. A media face , as he has been first a TV chef on Gambero Rosso (the wine&food TV channel,) then a writer in ”The chef in your pocket”, and again as a TV chef in “It’s up to Max making sandwiches “. He is a perfect anchor man, fast, synthetic but creative at the same time. Exactly like his receipts which are quick, but appetizing and gourmet.




Rump cut steak with egg, cheese and T&C truffle sauce

Month of October. Temperature are down grading, green woods are turning on orange, hearth is renewing and welcome new fall season with its fragrants fruits. Fall is really fall only when I light the candles, only when my neighbor  piles…


Pumpkin cream with white truffle sauce
If you think about fall, your mind runs to warm colours, amazing orange mantle of leaves on the ground, roasted chestnut, new wine and to pumpkin, of course. Pumpkin is the great protagonist of this season, it celebrates the colours…
Mortadella And Ricotta Croquette On Cheese And White Truffle Cream
I love Emilia. A region that smells like balsamic vinegar, Parmisan cheese, mortadella and authenticity. I love Emilian people too. Their hospitality and their inborn frankness. Emilians choose the efficency, the practicality, they are pragmatic souls, but they use their…
Fried fish and truffles
Chef Michele Pentucci presents the T&C fried fish and truffle
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