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Arianna Contenti

Born in Rome, he has been a very discussed competitor at the 2015 edition of Italian Masterchef. Her passion for cooking took her from being one bank account to be a talented chef very interested to the  truffle. Truthful, passionate she is a chef and a woman who always says what she feels.

You became famous at Masterchef, from being a bank employee to the most important kitchen on TV .How did you decide to undertake a  so  difficult test? You were looking for  a challenge , or you just wanted an answer to your personal passion or , lastly,  did you want a changement of life?

Cooking has always been one of my greatest passions, I’m hungry about food and new recipes, I’m also curious and concrete at the same time. Starting from the very beginning of this television program, I thought  that it was an ideal format for someone like me: my life was concentrated on doing different things but my dream was being part of the food world .At that time I was even convinced of opening my restaurant sooner or later.
I actually  was the ideal candidate of this program, and that’s what it happened .I did not want to became famous but I wanted to have my say about good cooking, food and the art of eating.When I come back to those days I feel like smiling, I had taken it too seriously, making a wrong recipe it looked like a tragedy .Today I would take it easy.

You are a simply but strong woman, you said that “life must be taken head on “.it is very interesting what you have said some time ago, about the 3 judges, when you were asked about what you would have taken with you at home from each of them :Cracco, Barbieri and Bastianich .Can you explain this concept better ?At that time you said that you would have taken from the chef Cracco the essentiality, from the chef Barbieri the technical ability and from Bastianich the entrepreneurial skills , is that right?

Yes that’s right, I go on with the same idea, even if time passed.These are real qualities of the judges during the  Masterchef I attended to.Today I can also say that Chef Cracco, with his wife Rosa Fanti ,has became an excellent entrepreneur. Carlo Cracco today is a brand, he sells his products on line and after his Galleria restaurant opening in Milan he opened several restaurants.

Staying in Masterchef kitchen has been  a source of learning, suffering and special encounters with whom a friendship relationship was born.Which of these aspects today, after some years, is most present in your memory and why?Listening to your words, chef Cracco seems to be a true master , a tutor ,a chef, do you agree about that?

Well, I must say that living 3 months in a full immersion, talking and living only about cooking, made me growned up  in culinary culture . It was really an amazing and unique experience. I still have to think about other aspects . I had some prejudices about Cracco , but I was totally wrong.I think that he also was a victim of some programs plot strategy.He is very kind, he is not at all arrogant .I’ve never heard raising his voice in so many times I’ve seen him working in the kitchen.I like very much him acting in Dinner Club program(an  Italian TV program), he is very sincere, affable and nice.

You have said you would have attended a pastry chef course , to learn strictness.How it was? Have you become more rigorous?

Of course I did, I took my degree after the annual course, with a lot of sacrifices.I was working during the day and went to the laboratory in the evening.I often ended after midnight to re start again the following morning, doing my daily routine. But frankly speaking, it is nearly the normal working time, if you work in a kitchen.I realized that being organized and having clear ideas is all, but to make this, you need to be experienced .Perhaps the  problem was my lack of experience at that time, unlike others competitors.

You know very well T&C truffle company and the truffle itself. What can you tell us about our company and its truffle based products?

T&C truffle company and his products are amazing, I can say it  because I’ve tried them.I am purist and before I was thinking that you must start from excellent row material and then you, by yourself, you can create semi-finished  products. But T&C surprised me about their so high level of standard quality and care about making truffle based creams, sauces and preserved products.Excellent they are, I must say .I also must say that white fine truffle from Acqualagna,(Tuber Magnatum Pico)you can find during the harvest time, is excellent in goodness, uniqueness of perfumes and delicacy .It is one of the best  thing I had ever eaten in my life. Probably the best one.

At the end at Masterchef you had to do a duel with Paolo, both of you would have avoided it. How emotions, relationship, sympathy influenced this experience at Masterchef?

Today is very difficult to talk  about Paolo, unfortunately and unexpectedly he passed away last summer.It was a real shock for me. I remember his smile, and I also remember these moments of tenderness. Sometimes I come back with my mind to some absurd situations we put ourselves, living like being  in a drama.Today they make me smile and I just remember with love a good person who is not with us anymore.
According to Paolo, cooking has always been a life partner .Cooking let him enjoy joyful moments of life and a beautiful experience like Masterchef.Talking about the others I sometimes meet some of them,  Filippo. For him Masterchef has been really a changement of life,(only few of us have changed their lives) he was fired due to so many days off for being present at Masterchef and today he is a chef .With regard to other people I often meet Carlo Cracco, he invited me at his opening at Galleria in Milan, and if I go to Milan it’s a pleasure to go and find him.

Which advice could you give to a young person who wants  to be a candidate at Masterchef and why?

Sincerely, I must say I don’t know.Masterchef has changed a lot during last years, chefs and authors are not the same anymore. Perhaps the only advice I can give to, not only about Masterchef but also about life, is to put commitment and good will in every project you begin. It is very important to get involved by doing your utmost , even running the risk of failure.




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