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Rump Cut Steak With Egg, Cheese And T&C Truffle Sauce

Rump cut steak with egg, cheese and T&C truffle sauce

Month of October. Temperature are down grading, green woods are turning on orange, hearth is renewing and welcome new fall season with its fragrants fruits. Fall is really fall only when I light the candles, only when my neighbor  piles up the wood, when in the evening over the sofa I feel the need of a fleece over me to warm me up and to relax me.
I was thinking that cold weather takes us to stop doing something.
We stop eating ice cream end of September( not everybody) and going to the seaside as well.
Perhaps you already feels that hot season is ending, but only the chills take us to finish on doing something. .Nearly always.

Our needs change, one needs to warm inside house, to embrace somebody, or to cook fall dishes. How can I welcome  the  Fall coming? Steak with egg, cheese and T&C Truffle sauce following the simple and clear recipe of  Max Mariola chef ! Delicious!


Put the steak on hot cooking pan with olive oil .Add an half of a glove of garlic. Make some thin slices of cheese, they will melt themselves during the cooking. Add a little pinch of salt and lay 2 eggs and the cheese slices over the steak. Let it browning some minutes. Put the steak on the dish adding some little slices of chilli and some olive oil. Decorate with the T&C black winter truffle sauce.

400 g steak
2 eggs
2 slices of cheeses
soft Italian cheese called “cacio del Po”
2 spoons of black winter truffle sauce
fresh chilli
2 gloves of garlic
extra vergin olive oil


Max Mariola

To be Roman is what distinguishes him. A media face...


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