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Eggs, Potatoes And T&C Truffle

Eggs, potatoes and T&C truffle

Cooking is the practical declination of  to love verb.
When you love somebody you want to take care of him or her, cooking something for them. I was thinking that everything is born with mother love. Maternal love is looking for taking care and paying attention to lead to grow promotion.
Somebody said that when you  make the shopping list you are thinking to somebody. That’s why the thoughs become concrete actions: the choice, the mixing, the cutting, warming up, pouring.
If you want to do well adding white truffle slices by T&C Truffle.

Anyway it will be a success!


Peel and cut in thin slices the boiled potatoe. Season with a pich of salt, pepper, a little spoon of butter and few truffle slices; the heat of the potatoe will melt the butter and will be the truffle aroma enhancer; melt with a spoon to get a puree like, lay it in two little pie dishes. Boil one by one the poached eggs in salted water with a touch of vinaigre, then lay carefully them over the boiled potatoes. Complete the recipe adding two grains of coarse salt, pepper and his Majesty the T&C white truffle as you like !


1 boiled potatoe
2 eggs
some slice of T&C white truffle
coarse salt


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