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Liguria – Pansoti In Truffle And Nut Sauce

Liguria – Pansoti in truffle and nut sauce

We have arrived at the penultimate stage of our La Buona Italia truffle trip and today we have the honor of presenting you the recipe of Simone Vesuviano (@simone_vesuviano), Chef and Co-Owner of the restaurant l ‘Acciughetta,(@tdacciughetta) “funky and unconventional” restaurant in the heart of… Genoa!

Simone accompanied us to Liguria and created Pansoti for us, a typical Ligurian stuffed pasta traditionally seasoned with walnut sauce. Its version revisited with truffles thanks to the use of our pure white truffle cream has managed to bridge two culinary histories, creating an explosion of flavors and colours.
Thanks Simone!

See you at the next (and last) stage of our truffle trip!

For pasta:
With the sifted flour, form a hole in the middle, pour the egg, wine and salt into the hole and start kneading.
Add water at room temperature during processing. You have to get a soft and elastic dough. Cover with transparent food film and leave to rest in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

For the stuffing:
After having washed the vegetables well and removed the toughest stems, boil them in plenty of boiling water. Cook them for 5 minutes, then drain and squeeze.
Take a pan and add a drizzle of oil, add the clove of garlic and a pinch of salt. Then add the chard and the borage and leave to infuse for a couple of minutes. Finally chop them and let them cool.
Put the mixture obtained in a container, sift the ricotta into it and add the prescinsôea, the eggs, the grated Parmesan, a pinch of pepper, the nutmeg and the marjoram.
Season with salt and mix all the ingredients well.

To make pansoti:
Now take back the dough that you have left to rest and place it on a floured pastry board. Then roll it out with a rolling pin to obtain a thin sheet about 3 mm. With a pasta cutter or a mold, cut out some squares with a side of about 7 cm and place a teaspoon of vegetable filling in the center of each, taking care to leave a 1 cm border to be able to close the pansoti. Close the pansoti to form a triangle. Press well to prevent them from opening during cooking). Arrange the ready pansoti on a tray covered with a lightly floured cloth. (Or close them with the classic tortello/pansoto shape)

For the truffle nut sauce:
Blanch the walnut kernels for 5 minutes to be able to remove the skin. Drain them and let them cool. In the meantime, moisten the breadcrumbs with the milk. When the crumb is soft, drain it, squeeze it lightly and collect the excess milk. Remove the outer skin from the kernels and place them in a mixer (or mortar) with the softened bread. Add the pine nuts, the grated Parmesan, then the garlic and marjoram. While the ingredients are blending, add a little milk kept aside and some extra virgin olive oil. Blend until you get a thick cream.
Add the white truffle cream to the classic nut sauce

Plate finish:
Cook the pansoti in plenty of salted water, cook for 4-5 minutes. When the pansoti float to the surface they are ready and with a slotted spoon you can transfer them to a bowl, add a little cooking water to the walnut room and season the pansoti with it.
Serve and sprinkle with Bianchetto truffle in oil and borage flowers


For pasta:
Flour 00 350 g
Eggs 1n
Half glasses of white wine
Water to taste
Salt 1 pinch

For the stuffing:
Beets 400g
Borage 400g or prebuggiun
Ricotta cow’s milk 200g
Eggs 2n
Parmesan cheese 50g
Extra virgin olive oil 40g
Pepper as needed.
Nutmeg to taste
Marjoram to taste
Garlic 1 clove

For the truffle nut sauce:
Walnuts 150g
T&C White truffle cream 20g
Garlic 1 clove
Pine nuts 20g
Grated Parmesan cheese 40g
Whole milk 150g
Marjoram 1 pinch
Bread (crumb) 60g

To decorate:
Bianchetto truffle in oil q.s.
Borage flowers to taste


White Truffle Cream in a Tub


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