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Sardegna – Fregola Sarda Con Funghi Porcini, Carpaccio Di Tartufo Bianchetto, Gambero Rosa E Burro Al Tartufo

Sardegna – Fregola sarda con funghi porcini, carpaccio di tartufo bianchetto, gambero rosa e burro al tartufo

What a land, Sardinia!
Because of its morphology, climate and incredible raw materials, this region expresses itself excellently in both sea and land cuisine.
And what better occasion to bring them together with the flavor of truffles?
Alessandra Nioi, (alessandra_nioi_mastechef10) a contestant of the tenth edition @masterchef_it with her mastery in the kitchen, represented her region Sardinia in our truffle trip la Buona Italia, making a fantastic Fregola sarda with porcini mushrooms, Carpaccio of T&C white truffle, pink shrimp and T&C truffle butter.

We clean our shrimp, keep the heads in a bowl and with the flesh make a tartare that we are going to season with lime, evo oil and pink pepper; cover and set aside. Let’s brown in a pan the shallot with evo oil, add the shrimp heads and let them release their juices (let’s deprive the heads of the eyes to prevent our bisque from taking an ugly color); let’s deglaze with white wine (let’s save some for the fregola), add salt, a little water and let it cook for at least 90 minutes;
In a saucepan, we bring 500 ml of water to a boil with our dried porcini mushrooms and a tablespoon of coarse salt.
4)In a saucepan we sauté with evo oil and chopped shallot, add the fregola and deglaze with the wine; let’s cook it slowly over low heat, adding every now and then a ladle of the water with the porcini mushrooms.It will be cooked in about 20 minutes.
When the bisque is ready, let’s blend it with an immersion blender, strain it through a colander and put it back in the fire to reduce it a few more minutes;
Let’s turn off the fregola, cream it with butter and pour it into a flat plate, top it with some porcini mushrooms, some bisque drops, our pink shrimp tartare and truffle carpaccio.


200 gr Sardinian fregola;
100 gr pink shrimps;
50 gr dried porcini mushrooms;
T&C white truffle carpaccio to taste
2 teaspoons T&C Condiment based on butter with white truffle;
2 shallots;
half a glass of white wine;
evo oil to taste;
pink pepper to taste;
1/2 lime;
salt to taste;


Bianchetto Truffle Carpaccio
Condiment based on butter with white truffle


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